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Tip Tuesday


Tips & Tricks

To offer the best service to our clients so they receive the best possible quality, we offer as much expertise and assistance as required to completed.

We offer as many tips and information as we can about our industry, products and services for the clients to make best possible choices in their purchases.


When you have folded documents, you want the fold to be neat so that the paper doesn't crack as well as your printing. To ensure that this does not occur, certain papers that are quite thick at 250gsm or more, need to be creased or scored in a machine that presses down the paper creating a "fold" or indentation into the paper, before it is actually folded.

This gives a much better presentation than just hand folding.


Do you know the difference between RGB and CMYK? RGB is used for monitors and TV screens to display the colours, which is how the colours are observed by your eyes (Red, Green, Blue) which is then combined and manipulated in the brain to make up the spectrum of colours.

CMYK is used in the printing processes as the ink colours are absorbed into the paper materials and reflected with light to produce the colours of the spectrum. Ink cartridges or laser powder toners use CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW AND BLACK to mix all the colours to produce full colour images and literally thousands of colours.


DPI means DOTS PER INCH, which is the number of dots (pixels) placed within one inch area to create a good quality or low quality image. The more dots, the more condense and detailed the image, thus printing requires 300dpi whereas monitors only visually show 72dpi for websites as very low resolution. For this reason any images designed for websites are not suitable for printing, especially when it needs to be enlarged.