Snug Technology

In a world filled with technology and the latest cell phones with all the apps you could possibly need for your business, social media and more... There is a constant need to power up and stay connected.


How do you charge your cellphone?

It is extremely inconvenient to constantly be plugging your charging cable in your cellphone, every time you need to use it.

The latest wireless charging technology makes using your cellphone a breeze. Simply place your cellphone on the charging pad, pick it up to use quickly and place it right back on the charging pad when you're done.

If you are on the go, such as a sales representative, always on the road, you have the option of charging pad in your car.

Are you often in business meetings? You can simply use a power bank to charge your cellphone. Convenience of a charging pad, makes it a much more professional solution, than plugging cables into your laptop and your phone.

You need the latest technology.

Minuteman Press Pinetown offers the Snug Technology Gift range at lower prices than most online and retail stores.

You need to get your brand out there with technology products printed.

Promotional and Corporate Gifts are used all year around. This is a great way to display and get your brand noticed. Whether given away at events, given as gifts to special customers or even used by staff to subtly promote your company, a good digital printer will bring your brand to life through tailor-made products that showcase your business. The Snug products are brand able with your logo and that will certainly leave a lasting impression than a cheap give away gift. It will no doubt be used daily with your brand on display 24/7.


Enquire about ordering Snug Technology Gifts from the website or alternatively contact the store for your technology gift requirements.


You are welcome to visit our store and see many samples of the Snug Technology Range offered for Apple and Android cellphones.